Colleen Coxen is one of the top real estate agents in ny. She sells real estate in Westchester and Putnam Counties.

Colleen Coxen

Real Estate Salesperson
Office: 914-271-5500

The Problem Solver

Facilitator. Anticipator. Code Master. Finisher. 

Deals don’t get done without Colleen – it’s as simple as that. 

When a contract to buy or sell is signed, Colleen springs into action. She handles all the annoying but critical tasks needed for a sale to take place. 

For buyers, Colleen makes sure you have everything you need to make the purchase. Do you have a mortgage lined up? Colleen will recommend a broker. Mover? She has you covered. How about homeowners insurance? Do you need a referral for an inspector? Have you read the engineering report closely? If a problem arose, do you need a credit for necessary repairs? 

Colleen is your fiercest advocate. At the final walkthrough, she makes sure any repairs were made to your satisfaction – and if not, she flexes muscle to make things right. After the closing she keeps working for you, recommending, contractors, decorators, even daycare options – whatever you need.  

For sellers, Colleen tries to anticipate any problems that might delay the closing or get in the way. One big key to selling a house is the certificate of occupancy. If a seller had certain work done on the house, it needs to be approved by the municipality before the house can change hands – and the paperwork has to be perfect. Colleen has developed relationships with villages all over Westchester and knows how to get all of that done so there are no surprises.

In short, Colleen is all about the details.